MYOB Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts help you work faster. For example, by simultaneously pressing certain keys you can start a function or open a window in your MYOB software without having to use your mouse. Listed below are some useful shortcut keys that you can use in your MYOB software.

Note: If you are using a Mac, substitute the Command (CMD) or Apple symbol key for the Control (CTRL) key.

* File menu shortcuts
Open: CTRL+O
Print: CTRL+P

* Edit menu shortcuts
Copy: CTRL+C
Paste: CTRL+V
Recap Transaction: CTRL+R
Select All: CTRL+A
Select from List: CTRL+L
Undo: CTRL+Z

* Command Centre shortcuts
* All Command Centres
To Do List: CTRL+T
Find Transactions: CTRL+Y

* Accounts
Command Centre: CTRL+1
Record Journal Entry: CTRL+G

* Banking
Command Centre: CTRL+2
Receive Money: CTRL+D
Spend Money: CTRL+H

* Sales
Command Centre: CTRL+3
Enter Invoices: CTRL+J
Receive Payments: CTRL+B

* Time Billing (1)
Command Centre: CTRL+4

* Purchases (2)
Command Centre: CTRL+5
Enter Purchases: CTRL+E
Pay Bills: CTRL+ M

* Payroll (1)
Command Centre: CTRL+6

* Inventory (2)
Command Centre: CTRL+7

* Card File
Command Centre: CTRL+8
Cards List: CTRL+F

* Reports Menu
Index to Reports: CTRL+I

* Help Menu shortcuts
MYOB Help: F1

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