What people say

I would like to thank you Kerrie for allowing me to go away on holidays in November for 2 weeks to Bali. The reason I am writing this testimonial is because I don’t think people are aware of all the services that Kerrie Smith from Khipu Computing can offer to her clients.

I am a business owner in charge of payroll and administration. The confidential information that my job involves does not allow the disclose of this information to just anyone (passwords/private BAS & Payroll information etc).

So Kerrie and I got together prior to me going away to discuss the needs of the company in my absence. Usually I would take my laptop away with me and on pay day or BAS day sit inside my hotel and work for a few hours, so now Kerrie just books in my payroll days or other requirements and comes to work for me. The benefits of this I found were:

1. Really having a holiday and not thinking about work

2. No more dragging that laptop around giving me more space for shopping in my hand luggage.

3. Knowing at anytime Kerrie can step into my job with a professional & trustworthy approach allowing me to truly relax.

So thank you Kerrie for this wonderful service you offer allowing me a truly wonderful holiday.

Kerrie has been helping us with our MYOB for at least 10 years and we feel very fortunate to have her. We have learnt a lot from her, she has the patience and ability to make learning easy. Kerrie is incredibly trustworthy and efficient. She is always available by phone when difficult things pop up and seems to know the solutions needed. We can’t think of anyone we would trust as much as Kerrie with our private MYOB information. Not least of all she is a lovely person to have in our office; we class her as one of our friends.

Khipu being Kerrie Smith has been helping us with our MYOB setups, upgrades and maintenance for around 10 years. Being in small business, it is an asset to have someone only a telephone call away to keep everything operating smoothly. When Kerrie moved away from our region, we were concerned if we were able to ever find someone with her knowledge and skills. As we have basic computer skills ourselves, when we completed our first interaction with Khipu through the remote support service and the ease of operation, our minds were put at ease knowing that our business will continue in receiving the same high level of MYOB support we had always received from Kerrie.

We highly recommend using Khipu and Kerrie, and recommend her constantly to our subcontractors.

After my first meeting with Kerrie, I knew that she was the person for my company to use for MYOB and associated acccounting tasks.

Running a business with 25 staff and an inventory of around 6000 products is not an easy task. Add to that the importing and exporting of products and services and life in the office can sometimes be very challenging.

Kerrie is a truly professional person. She is extremely knowledgable and trustworthy and is only a phone call away if needed.

Kerrie Smith has been associated with Muddles Farm Centre ever since we started with MYOB as our point of sale program in Feb 2000. Kerrie is very professional and courteous at all times, she brings a certain calmness into the office, and always says, 'We can do that or we can fix that, that’s no problem'. She is a little gem.

In the year 2000 when GST became a part of everyday living, Kerrie was an extremely vital figurehead with the establishment of the new financial structure required within our business. She has trained and guided us through many areas of our MYOB system with her expert knowledge. Kerrie has adapted and set up new systems within our business each one being unique gathering information as required. No problem is unsolvable with Kerrie as she methodically tracks and collates information which is crucial to the fiscal efficiency of our business.

We first met Ms Kerrie some 16 years ago and we consider ourselves very lucky for being introduced to her. She set up our MYOB System for the new Resort Motel we purchased near Port Macquarie and we never had a problem that she could not clear up in a matter of hours. When a customer’s expectations have been met and exceeded like ours obviously have been, it’s highly likely they will come back to again in the future as we have done with our Chemical Fume Extraction Consultancy business.

It’s has been said that for every person who gets around to writing there are many more who enjoyed the same experience but did not put pen to paper. Therefore we take pleasure in being one those to highly commend Ms Kerrie Smith as your MYOB consultant.

As computer engineers, we recognize the importance of configuring computer software correctly to maximize returns and avoid potential future issues. MYOB are the undisputed leaders of financial management software packages and their products cater to a whole range of different industries, so it's especially important to seek the advice of an MYOB Certified Consultant who can assess your needs, customize MYOB to suit your individual requirements and provide ongoing training and support.

Kerrie Smith has been supporting the local MYOB community for 15 years and her unique combination of a solid accounting background, excellent one-on-one training & communication skills and a broad knowledge of MYOB's extensive range of products makes her a mandatory referral for all of Clockwork I.T. Systems' clients who seek financial management solutions.

Your financial data is the heartbeat of your business, and it's simply not worth gambling with.

Kerrie has been known to us for over 16 years. Kerrie is a great asset to this service. She is always professional and courteous with a great sense of humour. Kerrie is great teacher and makes things easy to understand and learn.

In 2003 Baker, Payne & Webb Optometrists commissioned Kerrie Smith to implement MYOB as the accounting system for our nine optometric practices. This was a large undertaking for the company as we changed from Quickbooks accounting system to MYOB and also commenced importing data from our specialised Optometric information system directly into MYOB on a weekly basis. I had to be trained as the accounts manager to negotiate what was considered to be a most complex accounting system.

Kerrie Smith's training enabled me to become quickly proficient with MYOB and she was particularly sensitive to the needs of the business, that primarily being remote transfer of data to MYOB via email and dissemination of this data so I was able to provide the business partners with accurate data as a whole or of any one location. Through many teething problems Kerrie was never unable to provide a solution either by phone or an on-site visit. She is a pleasure to work with and continues to provide valuable support to the business on a regular basis.

When MYOB was chosen to run our company accounts we were advised by business contacts that Kerrie Smith was the person to contact. She set up our MYOB and trained me in all aspects of running our companies accounts specifically set up for our business, through to doing our BAS. Kerrie is very professional, efficient and reliable and always available when I send out a cry for help. She explains the procedure in a manner that is easy to understand. She has helped me out with all the advice to run our business accounting effectively, her continued advice and knowledge of the ever growing MYOB software products and upgrades available ensures that our business is up to date and processed correctly which our accountant is very appreciative of as it saves him a lot of work and us a lot of money.

Kerrie simplifies my life with her vast knowledge of MYOB. Will rescue me very quickly if there is an emergency. She can liaise directly with my Accountant, all to make life easier and stress free.

Here at Fredo Pies & Ice Creams Pty Ltd we have been using the services of Kerrie Smith MYOB Consultant for a number of years. She is highly knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Her contribution to our company has been invaluable; she has improved our efficiency and saved us substantial accounting and other costs.

Kerrie Smith is an excellent consultant. With many years experience she helps to implement practical business solutions, meeting a business' individual accounting needs. She always provides ongoing support and is always punctual for her appointments.